• Artur Mihalas - Luthier

    My name is Artur Mihalas and i ma a guitar luthier. I was born at 1985. Royal Craft instruments are made in Bad Kreuznach, Germany. Before that worked as an musician (Guitar and Piano). Studied Music in universities. Orders and designs are managed by Nataliia Bulat – former architect, interior designer and professor of architecture.

    As a professional luthier i build e-guitars since 2011. I spent 7 years to learn the guitarbuilding by many luthiers. I live in Germany and i worked many years full-time to understand fully the complex nature of guitar building, and provided my self the opportunity to hone skills acquired during a 7 career as a woodworker.
    My first Guitar i built i called - AMG (Artur Mihalas Guitar) Saucy Beauty. This instrument has caused a big resonance in social networks. I recived a many thousend comments about SB and i have received hundreds of orders from around the world. I started to build my own workshop and crate my own website. I spent time to crate 13 new creative guitar models withch have my own style - Royal Craft Style.

  • Nataliia Bulat

    Nataliia Bulat - Consultant / Produckt Designer

    Nataliia Bulat – former architect, interior designer and professor of architecture. She worked as an architect 11 years in Sankt-Petersburg. Since 2014 is Nataliia my wife and all orders and designs are managed by she.

    We created our little guitar world in our workshop and we make our guitars with the real passion.

All instruments are handcrafted for each customer by his specifications. For some operations that require hi level of precision and rigid geometry, we don't use cnc-machine. The complete work is a careful manual work. Special attention is given to the choice of wood and custom handwound pickups. A large catalogue and it’s continuing replenishing allows to use the best woods for your guitar.

A Few Words About Us

The workshop was founded in 2011 in 55543 Bad Kreuznach Germany by:
Artur Mihalas - luthier, and Nataliia Bulat - consultant & designer.
We are focused on quality of our product & put our passion and love into our individual and exclusive projects.

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