Highest Quality Tonewood

We made our guitars of the high class tonewood. We work with the largest tonewood online stores worldwide. Highest quality of our products is one of our top priority. We create not just music instruments, but some special, individual and incredible sound.

Handcrafted for perfect result

Only with love and tenderness we create our guitars. Into all of our guitars we put a piece of our soul. Working with wood with hand tools is not only our passion , but our way to make something special.

Handwound custom pickups

We work with many vendors of handwound custom pickups, who knew how to make sound of your guitar perfect and right. Also the "voice" of our guitars is based on such worldwide famous pickups companies as Seymour Duncan, Dimarzio, EMG and so on.

A Few Words About Us

The workshop was founded in 2011 in 55543 Bad Kreuznach Germany by:
Artur Mihalas - luthier, and Nataliia Bulat - consultant & designer.
We are focused on quality of our product & put our passion and love into our individual and exclusive projects.

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