• Ilya Fokin

    Fokin - Custom Pickups

    Ilya Fokin

    100% handwired by Ilya Fokin. We help you to find your tone!

    Fokin Pickups - CNC humbucker coil winding.

  • Aznaur Gishian

    AZG Custom - Custom Amps and Pedals

    Aznaur Gishian

    AZG Custom - Custom Amps and Pedals with innovative technology. The quality and innovative sound of our Products is bigest priority for us. We make our products with passion. Feel the sound difference.

    AZG Custom - FACEGRIND mini 50/18 head

    AZG Custom - CLOCKWORK mini 50/18 head

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A Few Words About Us

The workshop was founded in 2011 in 55543 Bad Kreuznach Germany by:
Artur Mihalas - luthier, and Nataliia Bulat - consultant & designer.
We are focused on quality of our product & put our passion and love into our individual and exclusive projects.

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